Project description

Nowadays, every smartphone has similar functions and is equally equipped – camera, touch screen, microphone, cable connection, etc. By individual usage, however, a phone becomes a personal item – a time capsule.

Isn’t it strange that we attach so much importance to an electronic device? Is this behaviour a typical representation of our generation? Can we only enjoy experienced moments more if we document them photographically and post them on social media platforms? What happens to the excess data?

We have thousands of photos stored on our smartphone. Often many different versions of the „same” photo. Many photos are useless and no longer needed, but also they are not deleted. For our project we want to recycle and reuse this data to make something new out of it and give it value again.

The visitor uploads a random photo from his smartphone to our website. The photo gets translated into a new world with the help of a visual code. By transforming the image information, different graphic patterns are created. Each pattern becomes part of the work, the art project, the time capsule. At the same time the graphic pattern is printed and the visitor can take the picture with him.